Recommend & win!

Get € 20 by recommending your friend.
For every friend you recommend we will
add € 20 to your customer account!

Only 2 steps to win € 20:

  • Ask the new customer to enter his or her address
        and order using the form below.
  • You, as the existing customer, simply need to
        add your customer number and address.

Here are the rules you must keep in mind:

  • Your friend has to order at least €50 and
        complete the full payment.
  • Your friend will be acknowledged as a new customer,
        only if she did not order at our shop during last 3 years.
  • "Recommend Your Friend!" does not apply to commercial
        customers and companies.
  • You cannot recommend people living in the same household.
  • We will add € 20 to your customer account as reward, as soon     as we have completed the delivery of the
        order to your friend. (No cash alternative is possible.)
  • This promotion does not apply to buying price-fixed books.

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